Flash Help

The Master Decoy Carver site includes interactive Flash displays that are able to show many images and descriptive text, without the need to load long or separate pages.   Most displays require version 6 or higher and have additional features like narration and the ability to zoom images.   If you don't have Flash installed, you can download it for free.

The displays vary in size.  Depending on your connection speed, there may be a slight pause while the content loads.   If you have a slow connection, you may choose to open the display in a separate window by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Open Link in New Window".   Then you can explore the rest of the site while the Flash content loads.

When a Flash display has fully loaded, you can access additional controls by right-clicking.  Choose to zoom into the display for a closer look at details of the images. While zoomed, use your mouse to drag  the screen to any area.  Right-click again to choose zoom out or "show all" to return to the original screen size.

If you have trouble viewing any of our displays online, or would like to save a copy to your computer, please contact us to request a downloadable version.  We'll provide a link to versions that include a built-in Flash player (PC or Mac), so you can view the displays offline whenever you choose.

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